Would and Use to

Practicando el idioma ingles. En este caso Language reference.

When I was ten my father would take me to the school very early in the morning. Sometimes the sky was dark because the sun hadn’t appeared yet, and when I looked from the window of the car I could see the moon, white and shiny like a diamond.

I always would come back by bus, sometimes with my brother and sometimes with my friends. And it was very funny because we felt free to do anything we wanted.

I remember I would like “Chiquititas”, a TV programme, and stopped to play and do whatever thing I did in this moment.

I used to go to the Zoo every year with my family. We passed all day right there, seeing the animals and giving them food.

But there is a memory I would never forget. The first time I read “Harry Potter”. I was eleven years old like the character (It was one of things why adore the book). My best friend gave me for my birthday like a present. I didn’t remember why but I started to read it and I loved it.

All the magic was fantastic, hogwarts was incredible and also all the things that happened to Harry. I couldn’t stop to read and when I had finished I bought the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh book. Of course I had to wait to be published.



Ahora si. El trabajo aplicado y mejorado. Espero que les guste. :)


Hola, ¿Hay Alguien ahí?

Cuidado con el lobo!!! si no esta feliz yo no me atrevería a entrar.
Estas imágenes son los dos lados de un cartel para la puerta de nuestra habitación y la idea es mostrar de que humor estamos para evitar que nos molesten.